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Tiny Jewel Box

Bringing 85+ years of DC history to digital life on a scalable platform.

Tiny Jewel Box

An established family-run jewelry business in Washington for more than 80 years, Tiny Jewel Box provides classic and unique options to clientele. Over the years, they grew the original brick-and-mortar location of 100 square feet into a sprawling premiere store with over 8,000-square-foot of retail space. Unfortunately, their digital presence lacked the luster of the physical experience.

They came to Adjective & Co to develop an online catalog (but not fully digital commerce) solution. Our approach was to consolidate the digital presence of their three separate websites into an updated, customer-focused user experience that recreates the ease, and elegance, of exploring the brick-and-mortar. Organized and intuitive UX driven by refined call-to-actions set the stage for an enjoyable browsing experience. This paired with messaging and creative that speaks to the company’s most well-known aspects allows for an uninterrupted brand experience, from website to store.

I had the opportunity to spearhead this project during my tenure as Digital Director at Adjective & Co.

Design Notes

  • Art Direction
  • Content Strategy
  • CSS
  • HTML
  • Project Management
  • UX Design